Pan India Projects

The central and state governments offer various subsidy schemes across India to facilitate growth in a given sector. As an experienced PMC, Magus endeavours to create linkages between the government and entrepreneurs and assist them in navigating the procedures involved, enabling them to benefit from these schemes. Currently, we are involved in the following projects:

Maharashtra Project Services

We offer concept to completion consultancy services as well as stand-alone services across Maharashtra for developers, corporates and investors. These are:

Sectors in Focus

Our expertise extends to 6 micro-infrastructure and realty sectors. These are:

an integrated Project Management Consultancy

Magus ConsultingA relationship that upholds the entrepreneurial spirit.

Overcoming challenges, taking split-second decisions, strategizing the next move, anticipating trends; so much and more can happen over just a few hours every day in an entrepreneur’s life.

It’s daunting, undoubtedly. But every challenge is embraced with an unflagging zest and spirit that is worth being upheld, not just for the enterprise but also for society. And considering that any business will continue to come up with its own share of large and small challenges, shouldn’t there be adequate support to facilitate and manage the non-core but essential aspects of ensuring a flourishing enterprise?

Magus Consulting begins with this quest.

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